As an American-born British national I completely agree with the Englishman who said that the USA and the UK were two nations divided by a common language. I'm fascinated with languages; spoken, unspoken, written and visual. Our ability to connect and (mis)communicate in all of them inspires me to learn new ones as often as I can.

I studied psychology, film and photography at the University of Miami and the Spéos Institute in Paris. I began professional work in New York City moving to London in 2000 to pursue a career as a television editor, colourist, and later as a photographer and writer. My practice focuses on long term projects which examine a social element or issue. I guest lecture in photography and film and speak internationally. I began writing around the age of five, probably just like you. When I no longer needed to write for school, I found myself continuing. An Equal Difference is my first book. You can read some of my other work on the Reykjavik Grapevine, on Medium, or see more of my photography on


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