An Equal Difference - Hardcover (Ships Worldwide)


An Equal Difference - Hardcover (Ships Worldwide)

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Hardcover, cloth-bound, silver-foiled, 155gsm satin paper ∆ 1.2kg ∆ ISBN 978 0 995485 600 ∆ Published by Restless Machinery ∆ ©2016  G.S. Motola

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Photographer and writer G. S. Motola combines more than 165 stunning images with thoughtful and provocative essays to create An Equal Difference, a unique and revealing exploration of modern Icelandic society. 

Initially attracted by Icelanders’ independence of mind and sense of social justice, G. S. Motola made more than a dozen trips to the country, photographing and speaking with people across the spectrum of society. 

Why did Iceland call for the feminisation of its banking culture following the financial crises? Why did it prosecute those who neglected their responsibility to society and acted in self-serving ways to the detriment of society? Why was it the only country to react in this way? 

From musicians and scientists to educators and prison wardens, An Equal Difference gives voice to the people who weave the fabric of Icelandic society and make it a place of equality and balance. Through their insight and perspective, we learn not just about what Iceland has achieved but also about what is possible for all of us