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An Equal Difference - Hardcover (Ships Worldwide)
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Hardcover, cloth-bound, silver-foiled, 155gsm satin paper ∆ 1.2kg ∆ ISBN 978 0 995485 600 ∆ Published by Restless Machinery ∆ ©2016  G.S. Motola

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G.S. Motola combines stunning images and insightful text in this revealing exploration of Iceland’s relationship with its environment and society. The book explores the ideas of equality, feminism and gender identity among a host of others. 

The thesis of the book is centred around the notion that any society pursuing gender equality, which benefits everyone, has a better opportunity to bring about peace and prosperity in all areas of life. 

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An Equal Difference includes more than 165 stunning photographs and eighteen short essays inspired by conversations with more than sixty people living in Iceland. Subjects range from societal structures like child care and parental support to virtual reality, drug rehabilitation, creativity, music and industry, education, crime and punishment, renewable energy, mental health, immigration, politics, gender, sexism and more.