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An Equal Difference was a self-funded project with the exception of the actual printing of the book. The research, development of the work over three years, including the post-production and the writing, was financed through work, savings and loans. The printing, editing and layout of the book were paid for with a successful Kickstarter campaign.

To date, the book has not made it's cost back in sales, but that does not mean it valueless. Far from it. If you, like me, are interested in exploring aspects of our culture and society from a philanthropic perspective, free from capitalistic agendas, contribute to the creation of future works by clicking on the button below. The suggested minimum is $10 which is about the cost of a drink in Iceland. Your donation allows me to concentrate on working for values that matter instead of focusing on the commercial value of matters. To obtain a list of future projects in development, email me.

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Short for trúnaðarsamtal, which means "confidential conversation". A trúnó however intimates that alcohol is involved. A drunken confidential conversation. But how confidential are drunken conversations?

"Margir fara á trúnó þegar þeir drekka."