I spent two days at Falmouth University giving a talk and then spending time one on one with students. It has been tremendously rewarding to hear from students about their process and share some of mine. It makes me realise what a long way I've come since my days at the University of Miami and what a struggle creative pursuit is at times. I came across this piece of writing containing a speech by JFK given at Amherst University honouring the American poet Robert Frost. It is about the artist's role in society and it resonates strongly more so now than ever.

I then gave a talk at the Sunday Assembly in November. They aptly named the day in honour of the book but more so for the theme its title represents. It is said that if you want to change the world, change yourself. Making An Equal Difference raised my level of awareness of myself tremendously which has been kind of scary because I thought I was pretty aware. Perhaps, but there is always room for growth. I'll spoke about unconscious bias and shared some of what I discovered. I also showed how it changed the way I photograph people. It was my first Sunday Assembly and it was an amazing experience. What a multidimensional way to take in information and share it! With song, with humour, and with community.