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HARDBACK ISBN 978 0 995485 600 ∆ CLOTHBOUND ∆ SILVER FOILED ∆ 256 PAGES ∆ PUBLISHED BY RESTLESS MACHINERY in the uk, Distributed by Salka publishing in Iceland

The book you are about to view is no regular photography book. Neither is it a regular sociology book. It is both. And it is more. Philosophy. Sociology. Social activism. Art. An Equal Difference is a book that involves all of it. Women, men and the world.
— Dr. Inga Dóra Sigfúsdóttir


CEO of the Icelandic Centre for Social Research and Analysis
Professor, Reykjavík University and Columbia University

The Story

Three years in the making, An Equal Difference by G.S. Motola is the distillation of her meetings, portraits and conversations with leading figures in Icelandic society. Published by Restless Machinery, the book is a compendium of stories, at once an exploration, an analysis and a visual exploration of modern Icelandic society, both cultural and environmental, centered around the theme of equality.The resulting book is presented as eighteen essays and 165 photographs across 256 pages.

equality and its affects on society

G.S. Motola combines stunning images and thoughtful text in this revealing exploration of Iceland’s relationship with equality, feminism and gender identity. By examining how Icelandic society deals with issues such as parenting, innovation and crime, An Equal Difference offers a unique and engaging portrait of the world’s most gender equal nation.

Feminism is about more choices, not fewer.

Liv Bergþórsdóttir -  CEO  NOVA  (Telecommunications)

Liv Bergþórsdóttir -  CEO NOVA (Telecommunications)


Why did Iceland react the way it did to its financial crisis, going so far as to call for the feminisation of the banking culture? Why did it prosecute those who did not live up to their social responsibilities and acted in self-serving ways to the detriment of society? Why did no other country react in this way? 

Over the course of three years, photographer and writer G. S. Motola made more than a dozen trips to Iceland, photographing and speaking with people across the spectrum of Icelandic society, from music and science to education, law and business. The discussions were candid and unscripted, but centred around a theme of equality and balance. 

An Equal Difference takes a closer look at life and modern thought in contemporary Iceland. It does so from the perspective that who you are is more important than what you are.  It takes inspiration from a country that has ranked first for gender equality for the past seven consecutive years (World Economic Forum Gender Global Gap Report). It offers something beyond academic analysis. It beckons us to gain insight into ourselves and thus into the fabric of society and the larger world of which we are part.

Awareness is the first step to overcoming any challenge. A person should not be deemed sexist or racist based on their biases alone, rather on whether or not they are aware of those biases and willing to confront them.

G.S. Motola photo by Gosia  Murakowska

G.S. Motola photo by Gosia Murakowska

About the Author

An American-born, British national G.S. Motola studied psychology, film and photography at the University of Miami and the Spéos Institute in Paris. She relocated to New York City to pursue a career as a television editor, colourist, and later relocated to London pursuing a career as a photographer. Her photography practice is focused on long term projects which examine a social element or issue. She is a guest lecturer in photography and film at ICP in New York City and Met Film in London,  and speaks internationally. An Equal Difference is her first book. 

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